Buttonwood Park Zoological Society

The Buttonwood Park Zoological Society (BPZS) is a private, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3), nonprofit corporation founded in 1969. BPZS’ mission is to support the Buttonwood Park Zoo in creating experiences for exploring and enjoying the natural world.

The Society supports the Zoo by managing the membership program, running the concessions, producing family events and coordinating fundraising activities. BPZS is also proud to support the Zoo’s educational programming. The Society is managed by the Director of Society Operations and supported by a Board of Directors.


2016 Board of Directors

  • Marion Wainer, President
  • Harry Jacobvitz, Vice President
  • Peter Selley, Vice President
  • Chris Jacobsen, Treasurer
  • Carl Soares, Secretary
  • Roz Bernheimer
  • Tom Feeney
  • Susan Rothschild
  • Nan Sinton
  • Fred Smialek
  • Jonathan Waage
  • Melissa Walsh
  • Dr. John Wolkowicz
  • Maureen Armstrong
  • Patrice Coholan
  • Jeffrey Martin
  • Jauna Souza