BPZOO Proudly Supports G.R.A.C.E

During Buttonwood Park Zoo’s 2022 Wildlife Education Series, Gorilla Rehabilitation and Conservation Education Center (GRACE) was one of our featured presenters. It’s mission is to provide excellent care for rescued Grauer’s gorillas while working alongside Congolese communities to promote the conservation of wild gorillas and their habitats. Many of BPZOO’s followers tuned in to learn about the important work this organization is doing for critically endangered Grauer’s gorillas.

GRACE Center is located in a remote area next to the Tayna Nature Reserve, a priority habitat for Grauer’s gorilla conservation since around 300 gorillas live there (8% of remaining wild population) along with other endangered wildlife including chimpanzees and okapi. GRACE is the only conservation NGO located in this region and therefore plays an important role in protecting this stronghold for gorillas.

Shortly after their presentation, GRACE Center was added to BPZOO’s Conservation Donation Kiosk and in September 2022, thanks to the support of our visitors, we made a $1,000 donation to the GRACE Center. 

Our donation will help to build fuel-efficient stoves and create tree nurseries for communities living near GRACE!

How is this helping gorillas? GRACE’s work is rooted in community involvement and initiatives in order to make a real difference for Grauer’s gorillas. Communities living around GRACE are empowered to be stewards of the natural world. Their commitment to protecting wildlife and forests where Grauer’s gorillas live, near Tayna Nature Reserve, will be strengthened because of our donation.


GRACE is on a mission to touch 100,000 hearts in the greater Tayna area. With our support, communities near GRACE will receive specialized training to reduce forest pressures and reverse deforestation. This year, the GRACE Education team is partnering with local associations to lead fuel-efficient stove workshops and create woodlot nurseries. BPZOO’s gift will support the construction of fuel-efficient stoves and provide seedlings for at least 100 women and their families in the nearby community of Kagheri.

GRACE partners with leading AZA-accredited zoos because they are the world’s experts in caring for non-wild gorillas. While BPZOO is not home to gorillas, we are still committed to raising awareness for threatened and endangered species.

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