Zoo Says Goodbye to Gladys

It is with heavy hearts that we share the news of the passing of our guinea hog, Gladys. From her gentle snorts to her playful antics, she captured the hearts of everyone who had the pleasure of meeting her.


Keeper Kate fondly remembers the moments when she would do maintenance in Gladys’ habitat, and Gladys would seek attention by bumping her snout against Kate’s leg, just like a cat head-butting someone when they want love. Gladys was quite the “attention hog,” always demanding love and affection from everyone. She loved going for walks around the zoo, and getting belly rubs, melting our hearts with her playful nature.


Guinea hogs are a landrace breed unique to the United States. For over 14 years, Gladys was an essential part of our mission to educate our guests about the importance of preserving heritage breeds and livestock diversity and its significance for the future of our agricultural food system.


As Keeper Steph says, Gladys was a smart old lady who will forever be in our hearts.