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Come Explore Charlie’s Nature Play Area!

This special area is dedicated to reconnecting children and families to nature through meaningful unstructured play.

Charlie’s Nature Play space is a rich environment that will stimulate a child’s natural curiosity and creativity through multi-sensory, hands-on activities. The Zoo has partnered with Nature Explore, a national research based company, to design this natural learning center using the best educational theories and practices.

The areas featured in Charlie’s Nature Play are: SPLASH, CREATE, BUILD, INVENT, PLAY, CLIMB, DIG, IMAGINE AND GROW

​Charlie’s Nature Play opened in 2018 and has been a welcome addition to our growing campus!

“The new kids play area is awesome! My little one did not want to leave…great addition.”

“We were there yesterday and the kids LOVED it!!!”

“We went there today and had a great time! Thank you so much for building this.”

Thank you to the following donors for their support!

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