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Capital Campaign

Master Plan & Capital Campaign

The Buttonwood Park Zoo has embarked on a visionary, yet highly practical, three-phase Master Plan to redevelop the Zoo’s seven-acre campus over the next 15 years. The $25 million-dollar campaign transforms the Zoo’s physical footprint, expands our ability to play a significant role in world wildlife conservation and veterinary science, and provides the infrastructure for the very best possible care for each animal. Environmental education lies at the heart of the plan, with enhanced facilities and new opportunities for both formal and informal learning. Implementation of the Master Plan also significantly strengthens the Zoo’s role as community anchor and economic influencer for greater New Bedford. 

Buttonwood Park Zoo is small, but its potential impact is mighty. With outstanding leadership, dedicated staff, a committed community and a firm foundation on which to build, BPZoo can, and must, play a vital role in protecting wild animals, connecting both children and adults to nature, and building a better New Bedford.

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