THANK YOU for your symbolic Red Panda Adoption!

Your symbolic adoption isn’t just adorable – it also supports BPZOO and protects endangered red pandas. A portion of all the red panda adoptions in June, in honor of Kodo, will go to support the Red Panda Network.

Here’s a look back over the past year – filled with many firsts! Kodo was the very first red panda ever born at the Buttonwood Park Zoo in its 127 year history. She has been a favorite among guests and staff and we hope you enjoy a scroll down memory lane.

June 4, 2021 – Happy First Birthday, Kodo!

Weighing in at 9.5 pounds, Kodo is nearly full grown at 11 months old. Kodo will be reproductively mature around 18 months old. 

Learning the best way to cool off on a warm day – in true red panda style. Of course, mom is always watching. 

Nine months old!

You know what they say…a family who eats bamboo together, stays together.

red panda cub on perching in snow

Kodo’s least favorite weather is rain and wind. With their naturally dense fur and bushy tail that acts as a blanket, red pandas (including Kodo) enjoy cold weather and snow. During her first winter, she enjoyed attacking snowmen enrichment!

red panda cub on perching in snow
red panda cub on perching in snow

September, 2020. Kodo is now viewable in the expansive 16 ft outdoor red panda habitat!

3,400 people from our community and beyond voted and the name chosen was……KODO!

Learning New Things

We know that learning to walk is tough, but learning to climb is a whole new skill!

Time to Weigh-In

On August 27th, our red panda cub weighed 1212 grams, or 2.6 pounds. This girl is all fur! For comparison, her weight is about three times as heavy as a soccer ball. 

Here’s your first look at a (almost) side by side comparison between the cub and Marie. 

Dozens of names were submitted for our baby red panda by our Red Panda Pals. A committee of zookeepers had a very tough time narrowing the list. Five names were selected for our community to vote on.

Curious Cub

Marie is going to have her paws full soon – this cub is starting to get curious!

Mother’s Intuition 

Any parent or grandparent knows this feeling! 

Two Months Old

Weighing 870 grams the cub is now starting to walk, but she is still wobbly. Her canines, molars and incisors are just starting to come in.

Well…believed to initially be a boy, our red panda cub actually was a girl! It isn’t easy determining the gender of a cub ????

Is it a Girl or a Boy!?!?

Weekly Weigh-In

Time for an upgrade! The cub’s weight didn’t register on the scale.

Now that’s better! Weighing in at 706 grams, or 1.55 pounds, the cub sits comfortably in its new scale. Someone is starting to look just like a mini red panda! 

Nest Box Footage

Well…this video is a little more about Marie, but mom needs some attention, right!? Even a sleeping red panda is adorable!

Look Who’s on the Move!

One and a Half Months old!

During its wellness exam, Dr. Lipanovich checks the cub’s gums – no teeth yet! 

First Pedicure

Baby red panda had its nails trimmed. Until it starts moving around more and walking, it will receive a quick trim to keep the tips from getting too long.

One Month Old

Time flies! The cub’s eyes are now fully open!

First Squeak 

Its eyes were just beginning to open when staff gave the cub another wellness exam at 21 days old. This is the first recorded vocalization. During these quick wellness exams, mom “requests” to go out into the habitat to enjoy fresh bamboo and time with Jacob, the male red panda.

Cub at 12 days old

First Look

The first time Zoo staff held the cub and performed a quick wellness exam. Roughly the size of a small potato in Zookeeper Steph’s hands, the cub weighed a mere 170 grams (roughly 0.4 pounds). 170 grams is about half as heavy as a human heart or three times as heavy as a tennis ball.

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