Virtual FrogWatch USA

Saving the World One Frog at a Time

Amphibian populations throughout the world are declining. Do you want to help? If so, join the Buttonwood Park Zoo FrogWatch Chapter and become a citizen scientist! As a citizen scientist you will have the opportunity to explore your local wetlands, learn to identify local frogs and toads by their calls, and contribute data to a long-term scientific study.

During this time of social distancing, FrogWatching is a great way to get out of the house and enjoy nature. If interested, follow the steps below to become a volunteer with our new virtual training!

Step 1:

Once signed up, a member of our FrogWatch team will send you the training materials and links to our online training and assessment.

Step 2:
Watch the 34 minute online training and take the assessment.
*Please do not use any external materials during the assessment

Step 3:
Our chapter coordinators will review your assessment and send a follow up email to let you know how you did.

Step 4:
If you’ve passed our assessment, you’re all set. You are now a FrogWatch volunteer and can start monitoring for some frogs and toads! If you did not pass the assessment, we can send you a link to try again.

Step 5:
If you’d like to become a certified FrogWatch volunteer** you will also need to take a frog call assessment. Send an email to and state that you’d like to take the call test. One of our chapter coordinators will reach out to set up a Zoom call where you will be asked to identify all 11 native species by their call.

**This program does take place 30 minutes after sunset and is advised for those who are 7 and up



For more information on the national FrogWatch USA program:
To practice your frog call identification skills visit: