Annual Fund

Photo By Katie Harding

Photo By Katie Harding

The community’s support plays a vital role in making Buttonwood Park Zoo, as the Association of Zoos & Aquariums has called us, “one of the finest small zoos in the United States.” We need your help to continue the important programs and events we offer to schoolchildren and the community at large. With your contribution to the Community Support Fund, we will be able to achieve the full potential the zoo has to serve the community.

Buttonwood Park Zoo exists to improve the quality of life in our community and to provide educational experiences that enrich the lives of children and adults. The only way we can achieve these goals is with your support.

Donation Levels are recognized as follows:

  • $2500……Friends of Ruth and Emily: includes a one year family membership and a custom painting created by the elephants!
  • $1000……Seal Fan Club: includes a one year family membership and a Seal Splash! Meet the seals in a private encounter!
  • $500……..Black Bear Den:includes a one year family membership and two Black Bear T-shirts
  • $250……..River Otter Rascals: includes a one year family membership
  • $100……..Leave it to the Beavers! Bring a smile to our face!
  • $25……….We greatly appreciate your support!