Other Memberships

Library Pass: $350

This Library Pass program was created specifically for libraries. You receive seven reusable one-day passes to the Zoo (one for each day of the week). Library patrons can utilize these passes on a check-out basis at your facility and each day pass allows four people to enter the zoo on the day they choose. The subscription includes notices of programs and special events.


Organizational Group: $150 to $700

An organizational group membership permits an organization to bring groups to the Zoo for free. The membership can be used repeatedly throughout the year and can be renewed on an annual basis.

  • $150 for groups up to 10 (including chaperones)
  • $275 for groups up to 25 (including chaperones)
  • $450 for groups up to 50 (including chaperones)
  • $575 for groups up to 75 (including chaperones)
  • $700 for groups up to 100 (including chaperones)

For more information regarding memberships please contact our Membership Line at 508-991-4556 x 110.