Fish Species 

Buttonwood Park Zoo exhibits over 70 species of freshwater and saltwater fish with four of them listed as vulnerable, threatened or endangered. 

Freshwater Fish Species

Ocellate river stingray
Little skate
Red bellied pacu
Lima catfish
Twig catfish
Red shoulder severum cichlid
Firemouth meeki cichlid
Jaguar managuense cichlid
Jack Dempsey cichlid
Leopold’s angelfish
Cardinal tetra
Red and blue colombian tetra
Glowlight tetra

Splash tetra
Neon tetra
Diamond tetra
Glass bloodfin tetra
Green fire tetra
Red eye tetra
Robertsi tetra
Rummy nose tetra
Silver dollar
Common pleco
Rhino pleco
Longfin bristlenose pleco

Saltwater Fish Species

Oyster toadfish
Whitespotted pygmy filefish
Yellow assessor
Orchid dottyback
Pajama cardinalfish
Banggai cardinalfish
Margarita cardinalfish
Ochre striped cardinalfish
Orange lined cardinalfish
Striped blenny
Transparent cave goby
Neon goby
Sharknose goby
Engineer goby
Snowflake eel
Spotted garden eel

Yellow tang
Convict tang
Sailfin tang
Blue tang
Powder blue tang
Clown tang
One spot foxface
Pacific redstripe hogfish
Yellow belly hippo
Ocellaris clownfish
Two-banded clownfish
Common clownfish
Lined seahorse
Pipe fish
Red lionfish
Common lionfish

Purple firefish
Royal gramma basslet
Scrawled cowfish
Caribbean sharpnose
Spiny box burrfish
Northern puffer
Spotfin butterflyfish
Blue reef chromis
Blue/green chromis
Cunner fish
Red hake
Leopard wrasse
Six line wrasse
Lubbock’s fairy wrasse
Chained dogfish


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