Science On a Sphere®

Developed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Science On a Sphere® is an educational tool to help illustrate Earth System science to people of all ages.

Science On a Sphere® uses computers and video projectors to display planetary data on a six foot animated globe. Animated images of atmospheric storms, climate change, and ocean temperature are just some of the animations that can be shown on the sphere, which is used to explain what are sometimes complex environmental processes, in a way that is simultaneously intuitive and captivating.

How can you see Science On a Sphere®?

Look for the posted schedule of daily show times posted in the Wildlife Education Center

Science On a Sphere® will also be included in many of our education programs:

Science On a Sphere® is generously providing through a partnership with UMass Dartmouth.

Thank you to the following individuals for their support of this partnership and the education programs at Buttonwood Park Zoo: Maureen and Ray Armstrong, Patrice and Jeremiah Coholan, John Farrington, Steven Lohrenz and Joseph Nauman.

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