Buttonwood Park Zoo is committed to providing quality educational day camp experiences regardless of financial circumstances.

Although our camps tend to fill up quickly, spots are held for eligible Scholarship applicants.
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Who said you can’t learn and have fun at the same time?



It’s a bird, it’s a plane! It’s… migration?! Not only do humans move around the world, but so do many animals. Join us as we discover different species that migrate and where they are going.

  • Cost: $60/day – Members receive a 15% discount
  • Ages: 6-10
  • Dates: February 20 – 23
  • Time: 9am – 4pm
  • Scholarship Deadline: February 6, 2024


See you in 2025!


The Most Extreme: Disguise

Why does a leafy sea-dragon look like seaweed? Why does an arctic fox grow a new coat for the winter? Join us as we discover which animals are the real masters of disguise. 


  • Cost: $60/day – Members receive a 15% discount
  • Ages: 6-10 
  • Dates: April 16 – 19
  • Time: 9am – 4pm
  • Scholarship Deadline: April 2, 2024

See you in 2025!

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Summer ZooCrew runs from July through August for children ages 4-12. Registration closes one week prior to the start of the session.

Cost for Full Day, Week-Long Registration: $350
Cost for Half Day, Week-Long Registration: $175
(Half day ONLY available for 4 & 5 year olds. Must be potty-trained)

Members receive a 15% discount on all ZooCrew registrations!

Cancellation policy:
Cancellations are accepted up until the week prior to your child’s ZooCrew start date. With the exception of cancellations due to Covid exposure or diagnosis, absolutely no refunds will be made after these dates.


In My Backyard

Week of 7/15/24

Here in Massachusetts, we have thousands of different kinds of animals living right in our backyard! Join us to explore and discover the wonderful world of our wildlife neighbors.

Where the Wild Things Are

Week of 7/29/24

Earth has all sorts of amazingly different habitats, each home to their very own types of animals. Let’s find out what it takes to live where the wild things are!

Once Upon a Story

Week of 8/12/24

Have you ever wondered what your favorite creature characters would be like in real life? Together, we will read classic storybooks and learn all about their animal stars!


Budding Scientists 

Week of 7/8/24

How do plants grow? How do they breathe? Why are animals like bees, birds, and bats so important to them? Join us as we find out just how amazing plants (and the animals that need them) can be!

Mythical Creatures

Week of 7/15/24

Explore the world of unicorns, dragons, fairies, and more as we compare our favorite mythical creatures to the real-life animals that inspired them!

Where in the World?

Week of 8/5/24

Where can you find giant sequoias or tiny bumblebee bats? Join us to discover where in the world you can find some of the most incredible plants and animals!


Sense-ational Animals

Week of 7/8/24

Have you ever wondered how animals get information about the world around them? Join us as we use our 5 senses to explore what it’s like to be an animal!

Animal Mythbusters

Week of 7/22/24

Do Ostriches really bury their heads in the sand? Does a Goldfish have a 3-second memory? Are Daddy Long-Legs actually incredibly venomous? Explore common myths and misconceptions about animals and discover the truth about these fascinating creatures.


Week of 7/29/24

Do YOU have what it takes to survive? Explore and discover the amazing adaptations that different animals use to survive crazy conditions!

10 – 12 YEAR OLDS

Wildlife Warriors

Week of 7/22/24

Have you ever wondered what YOU can do to help protect the Earth? Explore what it’s like to be a Conservation Biologist during this wild week of hands-on citizen science projects.

Great Adaptations

Week of 8/5/24

Why do some species survive while others go extinct? Together, we will investigate the roles that genetics, adaptations, and evolution play in the game of survival.

ZooCrew Time Machine

Week of 8/12/24

How did our modern-day creatures end up the way they are today? And what might they look like in the distant future? Join us as we investigate how evolution has shaped and continues to change the Animal Kingdom!



If a ZooCrew day or week is sold out, please email Sara Van Wormer ( to be added to the waitlist.

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