An Educational Animal Experience in Your Own Classroom

 Our Zoo2You program, formerly Zoomobile, is designed to bring the magic of the zoo right to your group or event. Whether you’re a school, community group, or corporate event, you can find a 45-minute program that suits your audience’s age and interests. Our dedicated educators are ready to take you on a wild journey filled with fascinating facts, close encounters, and unforgettable memories.

What to Expect:

  • Interactive Learning: Get ready for an engaging and interactive experience where participants have the chance to learn about a variety of exotic animals up close.
  • Educational and Entertaining: Our educators are not only passionate about animals but also skilled at delivering educational content in an entertaining and memorable way. We believe in making learning fun!
  • Close Encounters: Experience the thrill of seeing live animals up close. Our programs often include opportunities for participants to interact with and ask questions about the fascinating creatures we bring.

Pricing Details:

  • $125 per Session: Our 45-minute programs are priced at $125 per session, making it an affordable option for schools, events, and groups of all sizes.
  • Additional Mileage Charge: For groups located more than 15 miles away from the zoo, there is an additional one-way charge of $1 per mile measured from the Zoo to your location. This ensures that our Zoo2You program can reach you no matter where you are.

Notes on programming:

  • Max of 30 students per program
  • We can accommodate up to 4 programs per day
  • The Zoo2You program cannot go to private homes

For the health and safety of our Animal Ambassadors, the total duration of a Zoo2You experience (including transportation to and from your organization) cannot exceed 5 hours. If you require more programs than can fit in that timeframe, please contact us about booking multiple dates or find a date that can accommodate multiple Zoo Educators teaching programs concurrently.


Please contact the Education Department at or call (508) 991-4556 ext. 110 if you have any questions.


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