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Education and Conservation

Education and Conservation are at the core of the Buttonwood Park Zoo’s mission to connect, protect and inspire.

Studies have shown that AZA-accredited zoos and aquariums enhance the public’s understanding of wildlife and the need to conserve the places animals live. Visitors believe zoos and aquariums play an important role in conservation education and that when they experience a stronger connection to nature, are prompted to reconsider their role in environmental problems and conservation action and see themselves as part of the solution as a result of their visit.


The Buttonwood Park Zoo is one of the largest environmental education organizations in southeastern Massachusetts, with a mission to inspire the region to create a better future for wildlife. The Education Department strives to create meaningful learning opportunities that connect the audience with the natural world, while fostering a respect for wildlife. Through dynamic graphics and interpretation, inquiry based classroom programs, live animal presentations, unique outdoor play experiences, volunteer programs, and a talented team of educators we hope to expand the reach of conservation education in the area.


In support of our mission we are a vibrant conservation organization, with projects in our own backyard and beyond. Thanks to the support of our generous visitors and our dedicated staff, the Buttonwood Park Zoo has raised over $85,000 to directly support wildlife conservation programs around the world.

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