Randall Lineback Cattle​: here’s the scoop


Most of the Lineback population was lost over the last century through crossbreeding with Holsteins.


Randall Lineback Cattle

Scientific name

Bos taurus




Herbivorous. Feeding primarily on grass and hay.

life expectancy

15 – 20 years

Did you know?

The name Randall comes from the Randall family in Vermont, who kept a closed herd of Linebacks for over eighty years. The Randall herd was one of the few herds of Linebacks that was not crossbred with Holsteins. After the death of Everett Randall, however, the herd was dispersed and most of the animals were lost to slaughter. With the efforts from The Livestock Conservancy members, a small part of the herd was saved and has been the foundation for conservation efforts.


The Randall Lineback is a purebred remnant of lineback-patterned cattle once common in New England. Historically, Linebacks were multi-purpose, used for dairy, meat, and draft. This iconic breed served as an integral part of rural New England life for several centuries.

Conservation status

Critical according to The Livestock Conservancy