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Ma’s Night Monkey: here’s the scoop


Night monkey populations are decreasing in the wild. In Peru, the species’ habitat has been largely reduced through conversion of forests for rice cultivation, pasture and more recently palm oil. In Brazil, deforestation is driven by the expansion of the agricultural frontier, mainly for cattle pasture and soy-bean production.

Insider Info

Alexander and Supressa are two out of only five Ma’s night monkeys at just five AZA accredited facilities. 


Ma’s Night Monkey

Scientific name

Aotus nancymaae


Lowland tropical rainforests


Omnivores that consume fruits, leaves, flowers, insects and small vertebrates


20 years

Did you know?

Ma’s night monkeys are small monkeys with non-prehensile tails. Their fur is short, dense and soft. They have characteristically large eyes to aid in their nocturnal lifestyle and their hands are well developed for grasping (capable of more independent movement than other New World primates).


North central Amazonian neotropics of northern Peru and western Brazil in South America

Conservation status


High risk of extinction in the wild