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Draft Horse​: here’s the scoop


Suffolk draft horses declined in numbers after World War II and came close to global extinction in the 1950s. It was only through the efforts of a few breeders that the Suffolk survived.  Today there are about 600 Suffolk horses in the United States and about 200 in England.


Draft Horse

Scientific name

Equus caballus




Herbivorous. Feeding primarily on grass and hay, but also fruits and vegetables

life expectancy

25 – 30 years

Did you know?

Of all the draft breeds, the Suffolk is one of the oldest in existence with records dating back to 1880. The Suffolk is unusual among draft breeds in that it was never selected for anything other than agricultural work.


This heavy horse breed originated in Suffolk and Norfolk in eastern England before coming to the United States in 1880.

Conservation status

Critical according to The Livestock Conservancy