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Ocellate River Stingray: here’s the scoop


This is the most abundant and widespread endemic ray species in the Parano-plata Basin. The major threat to this species is habitat degradation caused by the damming of the Río Paraná system for navigation, hydroelectric plants, and the construction of many ports along the river.


Ocellate River Stingray

Scientific name

Potamotrygon motoro


Tropical freshwater rivers. They prefer calm waters, especially on the sandy edges of lagoons, brooks and streams


Fish and aquatic invertebrates

life expectancy

5 – 10 years

Did you know?

Though docile animals, they are responsible for more injuries to humans each year than any other Amazonian species.


Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay

Conservation status

Data Deficient

The amount of available data related to its risk of extinction is lacking