Turkey Vulture: here’s the scoop


In the United States, this species receives special legal protection under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 and its populations have been increasing over the last few decades.

Committed to Conservation

Vlad the turkey vulture is an important member of the Zoo’s Animal Ambassador Program. You may see him out with educators for encounters, special events or school programs. The animal ambassadors at Buttonwood Park Zoo are working ambassadors of their species and of their wild counterparts.  They stimulate interest and appreciation, dispel myths and fears, reconnect visitors with the natural world and stir all those they encounter to action.


Turkey Vulture

Scientific name

Cathartes aura


They prefer deciduous forests, farmlands, and open meadows, but they can be found in every type of habitat.



life expectancy

Up to 30 years

Did you know?

Turkey vultures boast an impressive six foot wingspan while weighing only six pounds.


Southern Canada, down through the United States, and into Central and South America

Conservation status

Least Concern

Widespread and abundant