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Meet the pandas!


Jacob arrived in 2018 and has the distinction of being the very first red panda in BPZOO history. Now 7-years old, Jacob is the only male red panda at BPZOO and is easier to distinguish from the others by the significantly redder fur on his face. Jacob can typically be seen draped on upper branches in back part of his habitat or curled up on the highest stump in the center. He is well known among staff for his love of red delicious apples – but do not try to tempt him with macintosh. He will most certainly turn his nose up at them!


Marie arrived at BPZOO in 2019 based on a recommendation as part of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) Species Survival Plan (SSP). She gave birth to her first cub, Kodo, in 2020 and in 2023 welcomed Pip and Sprout – both whom bare a siginifcant resemblance to her. Marie can be disinguished from her offspring by the more prominent marking on her chin and her slightly rounder face. Marie prefers to hang out by the pine tree in the back corner of her habitat.


Sprout was born at BPZOO on May 27, 2023 along with her sister Pip. Sprout was a hearty newborn who was comfortable following her sister’s lead. Although they were quite different in size last summer, Pip caught up to Sprout and that has made it more challenging to tell them apart! Sprout’s facial markings are similar to Marie’s – she has lighter colored fur with distinct white patches over her eyes. Look for Sprout up high in the perching, towards the center of her habitat – or wherever Marie is – because Sprout is a true Mama’s Girl. 


 Pip was born at BPZOO on May 27, 2023 along with her sister Sprout. Pip was significantly smaller than her sibling at birth, giving way to her name “Pipsqueak” or Pip, for short. What she lacked in size, Pip easily made up in personality and spunk. Pip was the first of the two to open her eyes (as red pandas are born with their eyes closed), the first to explore the nest box, and the first to test out the perching in their indoor habitat. Pip will be leaving BPZOO soon and heading to Duluth, Minnesota as part of an SSP recommendation. She will be missed by everyone at BPZOO!

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