For Schools

The Buttonwood Park Zoo offers learning experiences for school groups from Pre-school up to High School level. See below for descriptions of the programs we currently offer. Although group visits can be planned any day of the week, formal programs are only offered Tuesday-Friday. For answers to frequently asked questions, click here. To inquire about a group visit, please visit our Group Registration page.

For more information about these programs, please call (508) 991-6178, ext. 31.
* For a quicker response, please utilize the Group Registration page.

Pre-school and Kindergarten Programs

The maximum group size for these programs is 20 children.

Tot Time!
Each program focuses on a specific animal. All programs include a read-aloud story, a simple age-appropriate craft and a visit with the selected animal.
Please choose one of the following:

  • Tot Time Rabbit
  • Tot Time Chicken
  • Tot Time Turtle

Teachers please note: Due to CDC recommendations, children ages 5 and under will not be allowed to touch the turtle.

Length: 45 minutes; Fee: $45

Elementary, Middle and High School Programs

Maximum group size for these programs is 30 students. Larger groups must make arrangements for multiple programs.

Guided Zoo Tour

Enjoy a stroll around zoo grounds with a zoo educator who will talk to your group about the animals and their habitats. Please note: guided tours are not available in June.
Grades: all, Length: 1.25-1.5 hours, Fee: $90

 The Reasons for Seasons

Why does our world change with the passing seasons? Visit the zoo to find out how our native plants and animals adapt to these natural variations. This program will focus on observable changes that are taking place at the time of your visit.
Grades: 1 – 3, Length: 1 hour, Fee: $60

 The Wonder of Birds

What makes a bird a bird? (Hint: It’s probably not what you think!) Join us as we explore eggs, feathers and the other unique characteristics of our feathered friends.

Pre-visit activity sheets: Wonder of Birds Packet
Grades: 1 – 3, Length: 1 hour, Fee: $60

Animal Adaptations

Using the zoo’s otters, beavers and seals, we’ll explore how the different animals have adapted to the same habitat – water. We’ll explore the similarities and differences among the animals.
Grades: 4 – 6, Length: 50 minutes – 1 hour, Fee: $60

Vernal Pool Ponderings

Why are vernal pools so special? Visit the zoo and discover some of the mysterious creatures that call vernal pools home. We’ll investigate the dangers of amphibian life, the death-defying lifestyles of fairy shrimp and the nomadic wanderings of turtles. We’ll also cover the basics of vernal pool identification
Grades: 4 – 8, Length 1 hour, Fee: $60

For more information, please visit our School Group FAQs.