FrogWatch USA

FrogWatch USA – Saving the World One Frog at a Time

Green FrogAmphibian populations throughout the world are declining. Do you want to help? If so, join the Buttonwood Park Zoo FrogWatch Chapter and become a citizen scientist! As a citizen scientist you will have the opportunity to explore your local wetlands, learn to identify local frogs and toads by their calls, and contribute data to a long-term scientific study.

This program is open to anyone, individuals and families, who are interested in learning more about our local frogs, toads, and wetlands. To become a FrogWatcher, all you need to is attend our training sessions and commit to site monitoring at least once a week during the breeding season.

All volunteers must attend the training sessions to become a FrogWatch volunteer. You can become a certified volunteer by taking an assessment after you have completed the training sessions. Volunteers must be at least 7 years old. All volunteers between 7 & 17 must be accompanied by an adult for training sessions and site monitoring. Also note that all monitoring must take place at least 30 minutes after sunset.

Upcoming Volunteer Training Sessions at the Buttonwood Park Zoo:

Saturday March 7th from 1pm-3:30pm
Saturday April 4th from 1pm-3:30pm

Please pre-register for the training sessions by calling (508)-991-6178 x 67420.

For more information on the national FrogWatch USA program:
To practice your frog call identification skills visit